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A Broad Base Of Business And Commercial Law Experience

When you hire an attorney or firm you hire them to work for you. Unfortunately, many times you get an attorney or firm who works for themselves. That means they advocate for their own bottom line before they advocate for yours.

I am attorney John D. Marshall, and for over 35 years I have helped people solve their legal issues. Instead of looking for the way in which I can make the most money, I work to resolve your issue in the most cost- and time-effective way possible. In short, I understand the value of resolving issues quickly, whether that is negotiation, mediation, arbitration or a trial because costly litigation hurts your bottom line.

Extensive Experience In Many Facets Of Business Law

Having spent decades working on big cases for big law firms, I understand and have direct experience with a broad base of business law cases, from drug and product liability to multimillion-dollar class-action suits. This experience and perspective allow me to see options and ramifications other less-skilled or less-experienced attorneys may not. Whether you simply need a contract written or reviewed or your case needs to go to court, I can help. I can help effectively resolve a host of legal issues including:

  • Real estate disputes of all kinds including boundary and easement issues and HOA matters
  • Small claims
  • Contract creation and review
  • Partnership disputes
  • Corporate business matters from the very small to the very large
  • Business litigation including family business issues, small business matters and appeals
  • Business formation and business dissolution, guidance and counsel

If you are looking for an attorney who can offer seasoned and proven guidance at an affordable fee, call me. I offer decades of big firm perspective and experience with small firm accessibility and service. Find out what my clients have said about my services.

Get Client – Focused, Solutions – Oriented Legal Help

Whether you run a family business or small startup or are the CEO of a manufacturing plant, the personal guidance and commitment you need can be found at Law Office of John D. Marshall. As the principal and founder, I offer experience, advocacy and value few other firms or attorneys can.

Wondering how I can help? Call 610-991-7575 and set up a free consultation. Get cost-effective legal guidance and representation. You can also send me an inquiry email, and I will reach out to you.