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Contracts: The Basis Of All Business

Contracts form the foundation of all business. A contract is what one party essentially guarantees or promises to another. People and businesses enter these agreements freely. Typically a contract represents one party giving up something to gain something else. In order for a contract to be effective, both parties must agree to the terms.

It all sounds fairly simple, but the reality is that contracts, because they are the base upon which so much else is built and depends, are perhaps the most important aspect of business law.

I am attorney John D. Marshall, the principal and founder of Law Office of John D. Marshall. Before opening my own practice, I worked for decades for big firms. I understand the obligations and ramifications of contract formation and contract law very well. Today, I bring this breadth and depth of knowledge to every case I work on, and I do it at a price that is accessible and reasonable.

Contract Dispute Resolution

Whether you are just venturing out on your own as an entrepreneurial startup and need someone to look over a contract, or you are running a small family business and need a contract written, I can help. No matter what your company or corporation size or contract need, I have the experience and skill to help. I offer legal guidance with:

  • Contract writing: for any type of business, commercial or other legal agreement
  • Contract review: making sure the contract is legally sound and that all of the i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed
  • Contract dispute resolution: finding viable solutions that work for you through negotiation or trial

After working at a large firm on multimillion-dollar cases, I am well aware of the importance of contracts: the details, language and legal precedent they entail. I understand how business works, and I speak the language of finance. I advocate for my clients, which means I put your bottom line and your interests first. I can ensure that you will not be “taken around the block” when it comes to contract signing or enforcement. I’ve helped many people with contracts. Find out what they have said about my service.

Get Effective Contract Guidance

From a quick review to contract creation or dispute resolution, I have the legal purview to help. Not sure how I can help and what it might cost? I offer a free initial consultation so that you can find out. Call 610-991-7575 to set up a meeting to talk about your contract needs. You can also reach me via firm email, and I will be in touch.