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Decades Of Helping Businesses Succeed And Grow

I am attorney John D. Marshall. For over 35 years I have helped people resolve their legal issues. For many of those years, I worked for a big firm on big cases. I understand how the business world operates and what needs to happen for a business of any size to operate and thrive.

In more recent years, I left the big firm world to start my own firm. I wanted to work one-on-one with clients and offer the kind of personal and accessible service that just wasn’t possible in a big firm or partnership.

The Legal Guidance You Need When You Need It

As a business, a sole proprietorship, partnership, small business or family business, you are always, unfortunately, at risk for litigation.

A customer, partner, employee, vendor, family member or even another company may accuse you of misconduct, an employment law violation or breach of contract. You may be in the midst of a small claims issue or dealing with a premises liability matter.

As it happens, you may also find yourself in need of legal counsel when someone does not fulfill their contract with you or when transactions lead to a dispute that needs resolution. As an attorney experienced with both the transactional end of business (such as contracts) and the business and corporate litigation side (going to court), I can help.

I understand the precarious financial state in which many small businesses exist. I know that you need solid legal advice and representation that you can afford. This is why I offer a free consultation and what my clients have characterized as very accessible rates.

If you have been in a lawsuit and feel that your case merits a second look, I have extensive experience with appeals and can help you understand your options and opportunities.

Trust Your Business To An Experienced Business And Commercial Attorney

As the founder and principal at Law Office of John D. Marshall, my mission is to make quality and experienced legal representation accessible to the businesses that need it most. I will work with you to spend as little of your time and money as possible to reach the most favorable resolution to your matter.

Call 610-991-7575 and speak with me about what your business needs. Get straightforward answers and legal guidance. You can also reach me via the firm email.