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Steve T.

I put a down payment down on a tenant-occupied multiple listing. A week after escrow opened, the tenants filed suit against the seller, claiming the first right of refusal. Escrow froze. I retained John Marshall on a referral. John cleverly found law allowing us to sue the tenants for interfering with a contract, and we became part of the lawsuit. Yet, with the opportunity to bill me for many, many hours of work, John said the following. “Steve, the sellers have two lawyers, the realtor has a lawyer, and the tenants have their lawyer, I say we sit back and let the other lawyers do the work, and I won’t have to bill you. I’ll only step in if I see our side doing something stupid.” I knew then without a doubt, I was in the hands of a real straight shooter. After 22 months, the case went to trial. Most lawyers double their hourly rate for court time. John cut his in half, and did that again, simply with fairness in mind. When it was done, John kicked into high gear at that point, and literally walked documents from law office to law office, getting signatures and cracking his whip. With John’s masterful maneuvering, I took possession of my new home 2 months after the trial ended. Yet, my total bill was probably half of what I would have paid other offices. John D Marshall is now on speed dial. I would not think of calling anyone else first, EVER.

Richard K.

I am President of a condominium homeowners association. The Association initially hired an attorney to negotiate the purchase of the fee simple interest and related condo issues. After years of unsuccessful negotiations and legal fees in excess of $350K they were still unable to come to an agreement acceptable to the parties involved. Frustrated with the services we received, the board terminated their services and hired John Marshall. In less than one year, John was able to negotiate an agreement acceptable to all parties involved. We were then able to purchase our fee below market value, and as a bonus John’s legal fees were 1/10 of what we paid our previous attorney. John is extremely knowledgeable, easy to work with and gets the job done in a timely manner without bankrupting the client in the process. If I need a question answered, I do not hesitate to call for quick feedback, but never get billed for his time. He is always eager and willing to help. He is an honest, reasonable and effective attorney. Over the years, I have dealt with a number of attorneys and by far, John is the best attorney I have worked with. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone and would give him a five-star rating.

Fernando L.

In 2010 this attorney was looking for co-counsel in connection with an unfortunate personal injury death. I had a relationship with the widow and family and handled the related workers’ compensation claim, but a personal injury lawsuit needed to be filed against those responsible for the death. When I talked to a high school friend, a former attorney and judge, he suggested John as a good lawyer. We ended up settling the case before trial, and much of that was due to his relationships and ability to work with other lawyers, the mediator, court personnel, court reporters.

Robert C.

John helped me with a real estate lawsuit from last year into early this year. He helped me out in more ways than I could possibly describe. First time in my life an attorney refused to take more money when it was offered. You might not always want to hear what he has to say, but he’ll say it anyway if he feels you need to hear it. In the midst of all of the BS I feel we definitely became friends. He is a top-notch attorney and I am grateful that he was on my side of the table and not on the other side.

Kathy F.

A couple of years ago I got swept into trust and real estate-related litigation. John was recommended to me as a solid attorney whose fees are reasonable. From the onset and throughout litigation, I found John to be easy to talk to and candid about my situation and options. He offered his advice, yet listened to my concerns. He was mindful of my monetary situation and saved me money. The road wasn’t easy, but we finally settled and although an unpleasant situation, John’s humor made it bearable. I’m glad I had him as my lawyer and would recommend him in a heartbeat.

Anthony S.

We had a re-roofing job on our house that turned into a disaster, very bad work and leakage, the whole roof has to be re-done. The roofer threatened us for more money. Mr. Marshall helped make them drop the case and he didn’t charge us for a lot of the time he spent. His goal was always to solve the problem while charging us as little as possible.