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Making The Law Easy To Understand

One of the most confounding things about the law is that while we all need it and encounter it on a regular basis, not all of us can readily understand its principles, Latin and statutory language and coding.

I am attorney John D. Marshall. Since 1984, I have worked as an attorney. While I have worked on many types of cases, the brunt of my work revolves around helping business owners understand their rights and options. I truly believe that not all disputes need to go to court. In fact, most issues can be resolved by reasonable compromise. That’s how I operate.

Your Time And Money Are Valuable To Me

Reasonable compromise does not mean you give up something of value. Rather, it means that you are willing to protect what is valuable by taking the shortest, most time- and cost-effective path available. The only ones who win when legal representation is paid for by the hour and the issue is drawn out as long as possible are the attorneys.

That’s not how I operate my firm. Time is money, and I’m mindful of your money. I work efficiently and effectively because ultimately, you are my bottom line. I will put your needs first, which is what I believe any good attorney should be doing if they are actually committed to helping you.

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When You Are Ready To Get Resolution

If you are establishing a business of any size, need a contract review, or have a commercial or business legal issue that requires representation, call me and let’s talk about how I can help. I am a seasoned negotiator and have worked in arbitration and mediation. While working at large firms I regularly represented clients in court.

Not sure how I can help or what your issue needs to be resolved? Set up a free consultation so that we can discuss this. You can also reach out to me at 610-991-7575.